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Design Bandits

Creating logos, and Magazines, adverts and flyers, websites and more, for you…

Contact us on 0834603633 or info@designbandits.co.za

About Us

Design Bandits was founded by Bryan Maron in early 2012, after nine years as the creative head of the IE Publishing Group. Deciding that working for a boss was a thing of the past, he took a deep breath and dived head first into his future.

He hasn't looked back since...

Magazines and BROCHURES

Whether Consumer or Business-to-Business, we have the talent and experience to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Websites and emailers

From small, static sites for the sole proprietor, to multi-functional interactive sites for the larger concern, we'll supply your perfect website.

first service
second service

Logo Design

For a fresh, clean look, we are just a call away...

Adverts and flyers

Need a banner ad for a webpage, DPS for a magazine, or billboard for the highway, Design Bandits will deliver the ideal design.